Vol 9 No 3 (2021)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14738/assrj.83.2021

Published: 2021-03-11

Geometric Transformations in the Plane: Shapes in Motion.

Antonio Paulo Muccillo de Medeiros, Lícia Giesta Ferreira de Medeiros


Title: Intimate Partner Violence: The Moderating Role of Personality Trait and Religion.

Stanley Oloji Isangha, Christopher Ndubuisi Ngwu, Anthony Obinna Iwuagwu, Sunday Evaristus Abonyi, Akuchukwu Oprah Nnaji, Farah Naz Rahman


Covid-19 and Older Adults: The Paradox of Control Measures

Anthony Obinna Iwuagwu, Christopher Ndubuisi Ngwu


E-Learning Critical Success Factors from the Experience of Distance Learners of a Business Faculty in a Malaysian Public University

Muhamad Khalil Omar, Mohamad Fahimi Ahmad, Rusalbiah Che Mamat, Nizar Kusyrina Ngadi


Levels Of Depression And Anxiety In Mexican Health Workers Hospital Belisario Domínguez

Patricia Martinez-Lanz, José Navarro Robles, Fuentes Carlos, Arnulfo L´Gámiz Matuk