Integration of the ASR Toolkit Kaldi Into a Domoticz Home Automation System


  • Mohamed Aboulhir Spatial Remote Sensing -Signal Processing Applied Maths &Computer Science Decision Support Laboratory, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, National School of Applied Sciences, 93000,Tetouan,Morocco.
  • Samira Khoulji National School of Applied Sciences
  • Reda Jourani Polydisciplinary Faculty of Tetouan
  • ML Kerkeb National School of Applied Sciences



Speech recognition, domotics, Kaldi, Smart home, OPC.


This paper presents the design and the implementation of an interface between Kaldi, automatic speech recognition toolkit, and a home automation system. This interface is based on Open Platform communication (OPC) protocol. The developed architecture allows the injection of vocal data into a home automation system. Developed in C++, The Kaldi behaves as aclient of the OPC server.


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Aboulhir, M., Khoulji, S., Jourani, R., & Kerkeb, M. (2017). Integration of the ASR Toolkit Kaldi Into a Domoticz Home Automation System. Transactions on Engineering and Computing Sciences, 5(4).



Special Issue : 1st International Conference on Affective computing, Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems

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