Transactions on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 2021-03-01T15:35:04+00:00 Thomas Harvey Open Journal Systems <p>Transactions on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is peer-reviewed open access online journal that provides a medium of the rapid publication of original research papers, review articles, book reviews and short communications covering all areas of machine learning and artificial Intelligence. The journal publishes state-of-the-art research reports and critical evaluations of applications, techniques and algorithms in machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, software engineering, database systems, soft computing, optimization and modelling and related application areas.</p> Control of following Force in Gimbal Suspension by Programmed Transfer of Vehicle in the Class of Spiral-Screw Trajectories 2021-03-01T10:14:25+00:00 Kravets V.V Kravets Vl.V Artemchuk V.V. <p>The programmed transfer of the transport vehicle in space is carried out in the class of helical trajectories, using forcing (throttling) and deviation of the following driving force in the gimbal. The paper introduces the mathematical models of the transport vehicle kinetics in space in the terrestrial reference system and in the basis of the natural trihedral of the trajectory, using the quaternion form. The kinematics of the transport vehicle in the fixed and mobile reference systems, as well as the orientation of the natural trihedral in the inertial space, are represented by the hodograph of the program helix trajectory in vector and quaternion forms. The components of the controlling driving force in the basis of the natural trihedral are determined by the kinetostatics equations of the programmed transfer of the transport vehicle along a helical trajectory in the required speed mode. The authors proposed a structural scheme of the gimbal suspension, providing the required driving force components. The authors considered two possible sequences of rotations of the moving gimbal rings and demonstrated their equivalence. Laconic formulas are established for the control angles of rotation of the moving gimbal rings.</p> 2020-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Kravets V.V, Kravets Vl.V, Artemchuk V.V. A Review of the Iris Recognition Methods Used for the Individual Authentication 2021-03-01T15:35:04+00:00 Amina A. Abdo Ahmed O. Lawgali Mohamed Abdalla <p>The automatic iris recognition has become one of the most important techniques for authenticating the identity of individuals. The analysis of human iris is a reliable tool for the individual authentication due to the iris structure. Iris patterns constitute one of the uniqueness, permanence, and performance biometric traits. Moreover, the iris is considered as not easily tampered biometric traits. Therefore, this paper considers investigating the common automated methods of iris recognition. It surveys the development of utilizing iris images as an authentication means through the explanation of the historical improvement of the processes of the iris analysis. The contribution of this paper is to provide readers with huge information collected and discussed from more than 40 papers of iris recognition studies which have been published in a period of more than 20 years.</p> 2020-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Amina A. Abdo, Ahmed O. Lawgali, Mohamed Abdalla A Web-Based Medical Appointment Scheduling with SMS Alert Notification System 2021-03-01T10:08:37+00:00 Bassey Ele Odey, J. A. Frank, N. E. Ekinya, I. M. <p>Lengthy waiting times for registering and booking an appointment to see a doctor is challenging in Nigeria, particularly in government hospitals. Also, missed healthcare appointments are the main cause of preventable incompetence that affects a patient’s wellbeing and medication results, as there is no machinery to notice patients when appointments are deferred or canceled. To address these issues, a web-based medical appointment scheduling system with SMS alert notification using the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) as a case study is proposed.&nbsp; This study adopted the Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology in the development of the system. MySQL was used to design the database for this study and the proposed system was implemented using PHP programming language. A web-based medical appointment scheduling with an SMS alert notification system was developed and implemented in this study. The developed system will improve appointment scheduling in hospitals to simplify patients' and doctors’ tasks and eliminate missed appointments with the help of the reminder component. In the upcoming, the system can be developed to direct appointment applications to another hospital where doctors with similar medical proficiency are working. Furthermore, the provision of automated SMS alerts as notifications as the appointed day draws near or reaches is a fundamental characteristic of the developed system.</p> 2020-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Bassey Ele, Odey, J. A., Frank, N. E., Ekinya, I. M.