Novel Artificial Human Optimization Field Algorithms – The Beginning

  • Hassan Mustafa Faculty of Specified Education, Department of Educational Technology, Banha University.
  • Satish Gajawada Alumnus, Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee. Founder, Artificial Human Optimization Field.
Keywords: Artificial Humans, Artificial Human Optimization Field, Particle Swarm Optimization, Genetic Algorithms, Hybrid Algorithms, Global Optimization Techniques, Nature Inspired Computing, Bio-Inspired Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


New Artificial Human Optimization (AHO) Field Algorithms can be created from scratch or by adding the concept of Artificial Humans into other existing Optimization Algorithms. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) has been very popular for solving complex optimization problems due to its simplicity. In this work, new Artificial Human Optimization Field Algorithms are created by modifying existing PSO algorithms with AHO Field Concepts. These Hybrid PSO Algorithms comes under PSO Field as well as AHO Field. There are Hybrid PSO research articles based on Human Behavior, Human Cognition and Human Thinking etc. But there are no Hybrid PSO articles which are based on concepts like Human Disease, Human Kindness and Human Relaxation. This paper proposes new AHO Field algorithms based on these research gaps. Some existing Hybrid PSO algorithms are given a new name in this work so that it will be easy for future AHO researchers to find these novel Artificial Human Optimization Field Algorithms. A total of 6 Artificial Human Optimization Field algorithms titled "Human Safety Particle Swarm Optimization (HuSaPSO)", “Human Kindness Particle Swarm Optimization (HKPSO)", “Human Relaxation Particle Swarm Optimization (HRPSO)", “Multiple Strategy Human Particle Swarm Optimization (MSHPSO)", “Human Thinking Particle Swarm Optimization (HTPSO)" and “Human Disease Particle Swarm Optimization (HDPSO)” are tested by applying these novel algorithms on Ackley, Beale, Bohachevsky, Booth and Three-Hump Camel Benchmark Functions. Results obtained are compared with PSO algorithm.


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