Study of immunoglobulin ‘G’ with ultra violet spectroscopy in Duchene muscular dystrophy and Alzheimer’s disease


  • Sanjeev Kumar Mittal
  • M Sweety
  • Shweta Chaudhary



Immunoglobulin G (IgG), Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Epilepsy, Normal, Ultra violet, Alzheimer’s disease,


In the present paper, we have studied human IgG in Duchene muscular dystrophy using ultra violet spectroscopy. A comparison with normal controls is also made. We have found three types of bands in the spectra of IgG of    DMD patients and normal healthy controls. First and second band regions cover the ultraviolet behavior of proteins but third band does not show absorbance of proteins because the absorbance intensity greater than 310 nm. Third band does not contain protein without tryptophan. We have to concentrate on the region of two bands below 300nm.  We have first region in the range 200 nm to 227.38 nm in DMD patients and 200nm to 229.60 nm in normal controls. Second region starts from 244.40nm to 297.70nm in patients and 244.40 nm to 297.70 nm in controls only. Third band did not show any protein absorbance in all the cases of study. It has been seen that the variation in AD samples is on the decreasing pattern in comparison with healthy controls.


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