Mobile Three Gas Extractor Using Pressure Swing Adsorption Method


  • Pascalin Tiam Kapen Université des Montagnes
  • Tendong Tadadjeu Neville Université des Montagnes
  • Dongmeza Koudjou Jauspin Université des Montagnes



Mobile tree gas extractor, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Pressurized air, Pressure swing adsorption (PSA).


This paper deals with a simple approach of producing three gases that are oxygen, nitrogen and pressurized air by using a mobile three gas extractor. Indeed, the proposed medical device integrates the following modules driven by an Arduino Mega 2560 board: Module of filtration and production of air made of filters, compressor and a cooling coil; module of oxygen and nitrogen production based on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) method and using the zeolite molecular sieves that restrain nitrogen and produce oxygen.  The device is equipped of  pressure sensors to control the output pressure of the gases. This implemented  equipment has been tested and we obtained  promising results. Indeed, a percentage of  oxygen of  82 %  has been reached. We have produced pressurized air with a pressure of 2.5 bars. 


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(2) Organisation mondiale de la Santé (2016). Spécifications techniques pour les concentrateurs d’oxygène.




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Tiam Kapen, P., Tadadjeu Neville, T., & Koudjou Jauspin, D. (2018). Mobile Three Gas Extractor Using Pressure Swing Adsorption Method. Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Imaging, 5(1), 11.