Implementation of Image Processing Lab Using Xilinx System Generator


  • Kanna Anil Kumar Gudlavalleru engineering college, JNTU K
  • M VijayaKumar Gudlavalleru Engineering college, JNTU K



The paper presents information on various image processing operations using Field Programmable Gate Arrays(FPGA). Processing of images on FPGA is complicated, since it needs separate architectures to process the image. To facilitate such operations, Matlab, Simulink and Xilinx system generator tools, which convert the image into suitable formats that are supported by FPGA, are used. XSG plays an instrumental role in generating VHDL/VERILOG code in tune with algorithms designed in Simulink. The generated code will be dumped into FPGA and then it performs operations on image.  Use of XSG in image processing effectively reduces total design time of a system.


Keywords: Image,Simulink, FPGA.

Author Biographies

Kanna Anil Kumar, Gudlavalleru engineering college, JNTU K

Kanna Anil Kumar has completed B.Tech (ECE) from Sri SunFlower College Of Engineering and technology and he is pursuing his M.Tech in Embedded System at Gudlavalleru Engineering College, AP.

M VijayaKumar, Gudlavalleru Engineering college, JNTU K

M.Vijayakumar is working as Assistant Professor in Gudlavalleru Engineering College, AP. He completed his P.G. in Digital Electronics and communication systems. So far he has 2.6 years of teaching experience and published 3 IJ paper, 1 national paper and 3 papers presented in national conferences


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