Image Matching for Aadhar Card Based on Textural and Geometrical Feature for Identification of Human


  • Anjali Swamy Rungta college of engineering and technology bhilai
  • Amit Yerpude Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Rungta College of Engineering and Technology Kohka road , Bhilai(C.G), India



SIFT features, Biometric security, Face recognition,


Face appreciation from picture or film is a trendy topic in biometrics examine. Many civic places habitually have supervision cameras for film confine along with these cameras contain their large value for defense principle. It is broadly accredited that the features appreciation has played an imperative role in scrutiny system as it doesn’t require the object’s assistance. The genuine reward of features based discovery over added biometrics are rareness and approval. As creature expression is a energetic object having lofty degree of unevenness in its facade, that makes expression recognition a thorny trouble in mainframe idea. In this pasture, precision and rapidity of classification is a key matter.The target of this thesis is to appraise different expression discovery and appreciation method, offer whole clarification for reflection based visage recognition and detection with superior precision, enhanced reaction fee as an early stride for record inspection. resolution is projected based on perform tests on different look affluent database in requisites of subjects, facade, emotion, battle and radiance.


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Swamy, A., & Yerpude, A. (2016). Image Matching for Aadhar Card Based on Textural and Geometrical Feature for Identification of Human. European Journal of Applied Sciences, 4(3), 16.