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Alternatively, you can submit it by email <a href=" : International Journal of Medical Imaging and Graphics!"></a></p> The Patterns of Distribution of the Azimuth of the Winds at the Stage of Growth the Leaves of the Birch in the Vegetation Periods 2014 and 2018 <p>Formation and death of leaves in the cycle of ontogenesis are divided into the following stages: Bud growth and development of leaves, blooming dying leaves, leaf subsidence. We propose two more stages of ontogenesis – growth to the maximum and decline to the fall. The stage of growth of birch leaves hanging to the maximum width (similar to the length, area and perimeter of the leaves) of the growing season becomes a great quantum of plant behavior. This quantum with high adequacy shows that on three-time measurements of wind azimuth the distribution of the number of wind directions occurs according to the superstrong laws in 2014 and 2018. Then a three-hour quanta measurements of the azimuth of the winds make it very high to determine the adequacy of distribution of measurement directions of the wind.In 2014 had arisen three prevailing directions, growth of incidence azimuth: 45, 202.5 and 337.50. And in 2018 there were two directions of prevailing winds: 67.5 and 2700 in the city of Yoshkar-Ola. The three-hour distribution of wind directions along the azimuth at the first stage of the growing season of birch leaves from the first of may to August 20 of each year occurs according to clear laws, including wave equations with variable amplitude, changing according to the biotechnical law. For 2018, seven waves with a half-period of oscillations in the 45.1, 27.7, 23.25, 24.17, 0.23, 22.65 and 723 days. Of these, a constant period of 2 x 24.17 = 48.3 days.</p> Peter Matveevich Mazurkin Kudryashova A.I ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-06-08 2019-06-08 7 2 01 08 10.14738/aivp.72.6688 Effect of Coordinate Birch at Avtomobile Roads on the Average Time of Vegetation and Max-imum Width of Accounting Leaves <p>For environmental assessment of the quality of the surrounding growing birch area in the summer of 2018, the width of 10 leaves of 10 birch trees hanging in the city of Yoshkar-Ola was measured. The distances from the edge of the road to the center of the birches were measured, as well as the height of the crown zone at each birch from the prevailing winds. The geographical coordinates of the trunk axis were measured by the cell phone, which were given to the conditional Northern latitude and Eastern longitude. From these influencing factors regularities of change of time of a Vegetation since may 1 and average maximum width of accounting leaves were received. The factor analysis of six influencing variables and two dependent indicators is carried out. Formulas and graphs are given. It is found that the influence of the distance from the road on the maximum width of the leaves has a correlation coefficient 0.7574, and the influence of the reduced East longitude on the same biometric parameter 0.7514. The average maximum width of the birch leaves can be a great indicator of pollution of the roadside area. To identify wave patterns, it is necessary to take more than 20 birches in different places.</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> Peter Matveevich Mazurkin Kudryashova A.I ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-06-08 2019-06-08 7 2 09 16 10.14738/aivp.72.6689 Regularities of the Dynamics of the Average Width of the Leaves of Silver Birch Near the Maximum Growth in the Vegetation Period <p>It is shown that the achievement of the maximum of the average width of the birch leaves is a great bioindicator of environmental quality. Moreover, the quality assessment can be carried out without measuring the concentration of pollution. According to patent 2606189 for the invention on the side at an altitude of 1.5 -2.0 m from the prevailing winds on the dynamics from July 27 to September 23, 2018, the average width of 10 leaves near the road was measured. The parameters of the model with two components showed that the half-period of oscillation at the beginning of the growing season for 10 birches varies from 1.32 to 21.35 days. All models of dynamics are the same in design, but have a different character. The growing season near the maximum growth affects with a correlation coefficient of more than 0.999, so the behavior of 10 leaves has a high quantum certainty. To assess the behavior of groups of leaves, a new criterion was introduced – the coefficient of dynamism equal to the ratio of the difference between the fact and the trend to the fact of the average width of the leaves of the birch. The maximum width of the leaves and gave the highest values of the coefficient of dynamism. This criterion allows to rank the birch in descending order of the influence of vibrations from affecting the surrounding of the birch environment.</p> Peter Matveevich Mazurkin Kudryashova A.I ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-06-08 2019-06-08 7 2 17 24 10.14738/aivp.72.6690 Improving Dynamic Parallel MRI Reconstruction via a Kernel-Based Learning Technique <p>As an important radiology technology, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been widely used in clinical applications. However, its low imaging speed restricts some clinical applications such as dynamic imaging. Parallel MRI was proposed to accelerate imaging speed by undersampling k-space data and applied on dynamic imaging like cardiac imaging. Due to undersampled k-space data, noise is a problem in reconstructed MR images. We propose a nonlinear technique to improve a temporal parallel MRI reconstruction method. Experimental results show that the proposed nonlinear technique outperforms the traditional method.</p> Yuchou Chang ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-06-08 2019-06-08 7 2 25 29 10.14738/aivp.72.6692