The Corrected Version of the Special Theory of Relativity


  • Antonov Alexander Alexandrovich Independent researcher, Kiev, Ukraine



imaginary numbers, special theory of relativity, Multiverse, dark matter, dark energy


This article shows that the version of the special theory of relativity (STR) presented in all physics textbooks is incorrect, since relativistic formulas obtained therein are incorrect. They are incorrectly explained using the wrong principle of non-exceeding the speed of light and have led to incorrect conclusions about the physical unreality of imaginary numbers and the existence in nature of only our visible universe. This version of the STR proved to be in demand only because its authors were not able to explain physical sense of imaginary numbers. The article provides three proofs of physical reality of imaginary numbers and explains their physical sense in the theory of linear electric circuits, relativistic physics and astrophysics. This made it possible to obtain corrected relativistic formulas, from which appropriate conclusions were drawn.




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Alexandrovich, A. A. (2023). The Corrected Version of the Special Theory of Relativity. European Journal of Applied Sciences, 11(5), 68–83.