A Speech recognition of isolated words in the “Baoulé” language via back-propagation neural networks (BNN)


  • Francis Adlès KOUASSI
  • Hyacinthe Kouassi KONAN
  • Mamadou COULIBALY




Speech recognition, back propagation neural network, LPC


The main objective of this research is to explore how a back propagation neural network (BNN) can be applied to the speech recognition of isolated words. The simulation results show that a BNN offers an efficient approach for small vocabulary systems. The recognition rate reaches 100% for a 5 word system and 94% for a 10 word system. The general techniques developed in this article can be extended to other applications, such as the recognition of sonar targets and the classification of underwater acoustic signals.


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KOUASSI, F. A., KONAN, H. K., COULIBALY, M., & ASSEU, olivier. (2022). A Speech recognition of isolated words in the “Baoulé” language via back-propagation neural networks (BNN). European Journal of Applied Sciences, 10(1), 103–119. https://doi.org/10.14738/aivp.101.11602