Ancient History of Arabian Peninsula and Semitic Arab Tribes


  • Salahuddin Mohd. Shamsuddin
  • Siti Sara Binti Hj. Ahmad



1. Arabian Peninsula, 2. Pre-Islamic Era, 3. Semitic Arabs, 4. Arab tribes, 5. Integration and Alliance 6. Master of Arab tribe.


In this article we introduced first the ancient history of Arabian Peninsula, and pre-Islamic era and then we focused a spot light on the people of Arabian Peninsula, highlighting the four waves of migration of Semitic Arabs from the southern to northern Arabian Peninsula, then we mentioned the situation of Northern Arabs and their tribal fanaticism, then we differentiated between Qahtaniyya and Adnaniyya Arab tribes including their three Classes: Destroyed Arab, Original Arab and  Arabized Arab. We also explained the tribal system in the pre-Islamic era, indicating the status of four pillars of the tribal system:

  1. Integration and alliance among the tribes
  2. Tribal Senate or Parliament
  3. Tribes and sovereignty over the tribes
  4. Members of the tribes and their duties towards their tribal society

In the end we described the master of Arab tribe who was the brightest person had a long experience and often had inherited his sovereignty from his fathers to achieve a high status, but it does not mean that he had a broad sovereignty, as his sovereignty was symbolic. He had no rights except that he was obeyed and respected by everyone. We tried to mention all these points with some further details.




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Mohd. Shamsuddin, S., & Hj. Ahmad , S. S. B. (2020). Ancient History of Arabian Peninsula and Semitic Arab Tribes. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 7(5), 270–282.

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