Speed Breakers, Road Marking Detection and Recognition Using Image Processing Techniques


  • Martins Irhebhude Department of Computer Science, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna
  • Oladimeji Adeyemi Department of Computer Science, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna
  • Adeola Kolawole Department of Computer Science, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna




This paper presents a image processing technique for speed breaker, road marking detection and recognition. An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithm was used to recognize traffic signs such as “STOP” markings and a Hough transform was used to detect line markings which serves as a pre-processing stage to determine when the proposed technique does OCR or speed breaker recognition. The stopline inclusion serves as a pre-processing stage that tells the system when to perform stop marking recognition or speed breaker recognition. Image processing techniques was used for the processing of features from the images. Local Binary Pattern (LBP) was extracted as features and employed to train the Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier for speed breaker recognition. Experimental results shows 79%, 100% “STOP” sign and speed breaker recognitions respectively. The proposed system goes very well for the roads which are constructed with proper painting irrespective of their dimension.


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