A Logic Circuit Simulation for Choosing a Group or a Question using Register and Encoder


  • Lianly Rompis Electrical Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Katolik De La Salle Manado; Indonesia




Choosing a Group, Choosing a Question, Logic Circuit Simulation, Register, Decoder.


Besides learning and working individually, normally people also interact in a group.  A teacher or manager will divide and put several persons in groups, and mostly the group arrangement will be organized according to some classifications. This is quite different when people are dealing with a specific game or quiz. The participants will be asked to choose their own group or question in random order. Using the basic concept of digital system and electronic workbench 5.12 software, a logic circuit could be designed to build a circuit simulation consists of register and encoder which can be used to choose a group or a question randomly. The methods being used are study literature, analysis, design, and simulation. The result shows a desired output, a logic circuit for choosing a group or a question can be built using register and encoder logic components. Once a group or a question has been chosen, it cannot be chosen and displayed again.



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