Ice Core Analysis Disclose Increased CO2 But No Greenhouse Effect


  • Mats Lindgren KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Sweden



Temperature, CO2-concentration, Ice Coring, Milankovitch cycles, Greenhouse effect


European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica has carefully analyzed Temperature and CO2-concentration during 800.000 years from now. During this period a number of Milankovitch cycles appear. A Milankovitch cycle is a change in the Earth`s symmetrical movements resulting in variations of solar radiation and thus Earth Temperature.  Analysis of Temperature and CO2-concentration during a Milankovitch cycle disclose that CO2-concentration during Temperature reduction is much higher than during Temperature increase but that has not affected the Temperature, which means that no Greenhouse effect occurs.




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Lindgren, M. (2023). Ice Core Analysis Disclose Increased CO2 But No Greenhouse Effect. European Journal of Applied Sciences, 11(2), 157–160.