Plant Regeneration of Malaysian Aromatic Rice MRQ88 Via Somatic Embryogenesis


  • Zuraida Ab Rahman
  • Asfaliza Ramli
  • Rahiniza Kamaruzaman
  • Zulkifli Ahmad Seman
  • Ayu Nazreena Othman
  • Nur Auni Syazalien Adlan
  • Nur Najwa Arifah Basiron



Aromatic rice has become one of the most sought-after sources by today's consumers. As a result, by utilising mature seeds, an efficient somatic embryogenesis system for the MRQ88 variety has been constructed. Due to the highest percentage of callus initiation and no browning, MS-B5 medium supplemented with 1 mg/L 2,4-D and 10 mg/L NAA was the best medium for MRQ88 callus induction. Incubation of embryogenic callus on identical medium containing maltose 10 g/L and ABA 10 mg/L for 8 weeks resulted in the highest proportion of somatic embryo initiation (80%). The number of regenerated green plantlets on medium containing NAA and 2,4-D which was previously pre-treated with 5 to 10 mg/L ABA, 10 g/L maltose, showed good results, with 8-9 green plantlets developed.




How to Cite

Rahman, Z. A., Ramli, A., Kamaruzaman, R., Seman, Z. A., Othman, A. N., Adlan, N. A. S., & Basiron, N. N. A. (2022). Plant Regeneration of Malaysian Aromatic Rice MRQ88 Via Somatic Embryogenesis. European Journal of Applied Sciences, 10(3), 671–678.

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