Shear Reaction of Explosives and Propellants


  • Yehuda Partom



When loaded by weak impact, both explosives and propellants undergo shear reaction. Out shear reaction hydro-reactive model (TDSR) is similar to our old surface burn hydro-reactive model (TDRR), except for the reaction rate equation. We perform tests and computer simulations of shear reaction in both explosives and propellants. For explosives we use the well-known Steven test but with different diagnostics (back surface velocity histories). For propellants we use a new test configuration. In both cases we run our TDSR simulations and are able to get a reasonable reproduction of test results.




How to Cite

Partom, Y. (2021). Shear Reaction of Explosives and Propellants. European Journal of Applied Sciences, 9(6), 391–404.

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