Building on Entrepreneurial Team Theory: A Women Context


  • Erastus Ndinguri Framingham State University, United States.
  • Jessica Hill Holyoke Community College, United States.



Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Teams, Technology, Team Innovation, Women Teams, Women Entrepreneurs


Using literature on entrepreneurial teams, we examine ways in which technology can be used as a connecting link to build women entrepreneurial teams. The study theorizes that use of technology creates a new realm (structural uncertainty) that gives rise to entrepreneurial women networks and women entrepreneurial opportunities (common interests) which in turn creates strong interdependence that provides a suitable environment for women entrepreneurial teams. We conceptualize that women use of technology for networking and mentoring purposes can be a first step in building the teams.




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Ndinguri, E., & Hill, J. (2023). Building on Entrepreneurial Team Theory: A Women Context. Archives of Business Research, 11(3), 113–122.