Archives of Business Research <p>ABR is founded by Services for Science and Education (SSE) United Kingdom where it is strongly believe that excellence in research is the key to benefiting academics, businesses, societies and other relevant stakeholders at local, national, regional and international levels.</p> ScholarPublishing on behalf of Services for Science and Education, United Kingdom en-US Archives of Business Research 2054-7404 Souvenirs: Their Role In Tourism Industry, Cultural Heritage And Their Utilization In Experiential Teaching <p>This article presents research that examines souvenirs and their role in tourism and consequentially in a country's economy. Its purpose is to examine their importance and contribution to the local community by encouraging local economic growth as well as their educational importance and how teachers can use them as starting point for experientially teaching cultural heritage through practical application of art and history in the educational learning process.</p> A. Balermpas M. Manola Copyright (c) 2020 A. Balermpas, M. Manola 2020-09-14 2020-09-14 8 9 1 10 10.14738/abr.89.8970 Effectiveness, Challenges and Countermeasures of China-CEE Cooperation <p>China-Central and Eastern European Cooperation (referred to as “16+1”, later developed into “17+1” or China-CEE Cooperation) is an important element and effective complement to China's efforts to promote the development of cooperation among the 17 CEE countries, the balanced development of the CEE sub-regional and the development of various areas of China-EU cooperation. Since 2012, when the framework was proposed, it has witnessed the establishment of a cooperation and coordination mechanism guided by leaders' meetings, ministerial meetings and forums or expositions for building a comprehensive, multi-field and multi-level pattern of cooperation. The framework is based on the interests of both sides and in line with the trend of common development, mutual benefit and win-win. In the eight years, it has achieved fruitful results in the areas of policy communication, trade and investment growth, infrastructure construction, capital financing and civil exchanges, so as to promote the economic stability and sustainable development of countries involved. It also faces internal and external challenges, like the imbalanced development, divergent interests, interference by interested countries, and the deterioration of security situation in the Middle East. As the cooperation deepens, it is important to adhere to the principles of mutual benefit and win-win and dock with different frameworks on all fronts. It is necessary to better understand EU laws and regulations and seize new opportunities for cooperation, including civil exchanges, etc.</p> Qianyu Zhu Xiaoshan Yan Copyright (c) 2020 Qianyu Zhu, Xiaoshan Yan 2020-09-14 2020-09-14 8 9 11 26 10.14738/abr.89.8975 If you plan to write a covered call option which will expire does traditional option pricing theory apply and, if not, what can replace the Greeks? <p>The primary goal of option pricing theory is to calculate the probability that an option will be exercised at expiration. These calculations are often summarized using "the Greeks", for example, theta is the expected change in the price of the option associated with a 1-unit change in time.&nbsp; Options can either be traded or held until expiration.&nbsp; If the investor's intention is to write a covered call option which will expire, and is indifferent between whether or not the option is exercised, then option pricing theory in general and the Greeks in particular are not directly relevant to them.&nbsp; &nbsp;Here, we consider the question of what information in fact is important to an investor who writes such a covered call option, and then explore the extent to which an analogy between that investor's analysis and the Greeks can be developed.&nbsp; A case study is presented, and then it is demonstrated that an analogue of theta addresses the same general construct of time value decay.&nbsp; The degree to which the writing of covered calls is an investment strategy versus a speculative strategy is also considered.&nbsp; In conclusion, for an investor who intends to write a covered call option with the intention of allowing it to expire, even though the Greeks are not directly helpful, the principles which underpin their derivation very much are.</p> Greg Samsa Copyright (c) 2020 Greg Samsa 2020-09-14 2020-09-14 8 9 27 36 10.14738/abr.89.8965 The Influence Of Facebook Marketing On Consumer Buying Intention Of Clothing: Evidence From Young Adults <p>As a result of the rapid improvements paved through global advertising pathways, marketers have started to promote their products through social media platforms and among that; Facebook had become the most popular mode of communicating out of all. The study was conducted with the objective of comprehensively investigating the influence of Facebook marketing on consumer buying intention of clothing using evidence of young adults. Predominantly, the research focused upon identifying the superiority of Facebook as a social media communication platform and its relevant impact upon advertising. Majority of the businesses aims toward increasing the &nbsp;reach, whereas Facebook users expect clear experience through Facebook rather than watching typical pop ups, web banners and adds. However,</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Facebook marketing was identified to be positively and negatively influencing the companies and users. Therefore, focus was to analyze the impact to consumer’s buying</p> <p>intention from Facebook marketing. The companies can identify the effectiveness of the</p> <p>advertising and the improvement to be done. The study has undertaken a comprehensive survey to achieve the objectives of the research and those data was analyzed through component factor analysis, regression analysis and correlation coefficient. As per the results of the analysis, researchers have accomplished the stated objectives of the study. In conclusion, it was identified that there was a strong relationship between independent and dependent variables except E-WOM. Among that, Likes and sharing are the most important variables in Facebook marketing. According to outcomes, E- WOM was not an important variable, nonetheless researchers recommend focusing on E-WOM in order to convert this variable in to positive way to make better results, as previous researches stated that E-WOM can make massive impact to consumer purchase intention. &nbsp;</p> D. T. Kingsley Bernard A. A. S. N. Munasinghe I. K. R. J. Premarathne S. Wijayarathne Copyright (c) 2020 D. T. Kingsley Bernard, A. A. S. N. Munasinghe, I. K. R. J. Premarathne, S. Wijayarathne 2020-09-14 2020-09-14 8 9 37 51 10.14738/abr.89.8992 Determinants of Investments Opportunities in Selected Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria <p>.</p> Abdul K. I. Zubair Copyright (c) 2020 Abdul K. I. Zubair 2020-09-28 2020-09-28 8 9 52 68 10.14738/abr.89.8689 Innovation in Diversification of Various Processed Shells of Northern Coastal Women Craftsmen with High Economical Value in Surabaya Indonesia <p>A research-based community service program titled Diversified Innovation of Processed Shellfish from Northern Coastal Craftsmen with Economic Value and High Nutrition Potential in the Kulon-Kedung Cowek Cumpat Area Surabaya (1) Mitra1 Ibu Siti Chotimah located at Jl Cumpat Kulon Baru I / 88-Kedung Cowek Surabaya (1) 2) Mitra2 The women of fishermen's wives in the Cumpat Kulon area. Problem: During this time the production and marketing process is very inefficient and ineffective for SMEs that want to improve into a home industry, even though the capacity and high productivity are as follows: 1) to produce various processed shells of Cumpat Kulon-Kedung Cowek Surabaya women who use materials traditional natural spices that are healthy mixing ingredients and spices so far have used manual labor so that the mixing of herbs can not be maximized. 2) To smooth the shells as a superior and basic material is still with a traditional improvised tool in the form of mortar. 3) Marketing is not widely known yet it is superior to the north coast. The solution: 1) the use of a motor-powered mixer machine Specifications:Voltage: 220v Frequency: 50 / 60hz Power: 450 watt Engine Weight: 57 kg Machine diameter: 45 x 36.6 x 60.6 cm 2) use of meat grinder Front hole diameter 9 cm. Upper hole diameter 12 cm. Grinding height 24 cm. meat grinder Front hole diameter 9 cm. Upper hole diameter 12 cm. Grinding height 24 cm. 3) Providing training in creativity and innovation in the manufacture of products from shellfish and e-marketing of coastal products from Kenjeran to partners1 and partners2. Methods: (1) Design, build, maintain, use of a motor-powered mixer machine Specifications: Voltage: 220 frequency: 50/60 Hz Power: 450 watts Machine Weight: 57 kg. Machine diameter: 45 x 36.6 x 60.6 cm (2) Design, build, care for using meat grinder Front hole diameter 9 cm. Upper hole diameter 12 cm. Grinding height 24 cm. (3) Training, practice and mentoring transmit the mindset and behavior of an entrepreneur to students until he behaves and is entrepreneurial for partners1 and partners as well as e-marketing with smartphones.</p> Muslichah Erma Widiana Rinurwati Farida Agustini Widjayati Meidita Sinantryana Widyaswari Copyright (c) 2020 Muslichah Erma Widiana, Rinurwati, Farida Agustini Widjayati, Meidita Sinantryana Widyaswari 2020-09-28 2020-09-28 8 9 69 76 10.14738/abr.89.8991