Optimization of WSNs Flooding Rates by Khalimsky Topology


  • Mahmoud Abdellaoui Engineering School of Electronics and Communication of Sfax (ENET'COM), Director of Wireless Intelligent and Multi-Standard Communication Systems Research Team, Sfax University, Tunisia
  • Riyadh Gargouri
  • Mahmoud Mezghani National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS), Sfax University, Tunisia




Wireless Sensor Network, WSN, Flooding, Khalimsky Topology, Flooding Khalimsky Algorithm, Flooding Rates, Energy Consumption, WSN Deployment,


In this paper, we proposed a new method of deploying and building an organized architecture of gateway nodes in a Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) formed also by randomly deployed sensors arranged in clusters. This method, based on the Khalimsky theory, reduces the energy consumption and the flooding rates of the conventional flooding algorithm.

Our solution allowed to build a hierarchical topology reduces the number of communication links between nodes while maintaining the adjacency list to minimize the data redundancy.

It allows calculating an optimal set of forwarding gateway nodes to route data packets between a source and a destination. This set includes all optimal paths using the less number of nodes. Our simulation study shows that the Khalimsky theory reduces considerably the flooding rates and the energy consumption.

Our solution can be applied in the fields needing prefixed gateway nodes and randomly deployed sensors which use urgent data with real-time aspect such as the security and the monitoring of industrial zones and home building.


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Abdellaoui, M., Gargouri, R., & Mezghani, M. (2015). Optimization of WSNs Flooding Rates by Khalimsky Topology. Discoveries in Agriculture and Food Sciences, 2(6), 25–38. https://doi.org/10.14738/tnc.26.598