Holomorphy in Pseudo-Euclidean Spaces and the Classic Electromagnetic Theory

"Professor George C. Moisil, In Memoriam"

  • Vlad L. Negulescu no affiliation
Keywords: holomorphy in pseudo-Euclidean spaces, holomorphic functions, general pseudo-rotation matrix, extended Cauchy-Riemannn differential equations, extended Poisson’s equations, electro-magnetic scalar and vector potentials, the charge conservation and general Maxwell equations


A new concept of holomorphy in pseudo-Euclidean spaces is briefly presented. The set of extended Cauchy-Riemannn differential equations, which are verified by the holomorphic functions, is obtained. A form of the general pseudo-rotation matrix was developed. The generalized d’Alembert- operator and extended Poisson’s equations are defined. Applying these results to the relativistic space-time, the charge conservation and general Maxwell equations are derived.


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