Automated Medication System for Rural and War Affected Areas


  • Intesab Hussain Sadhayo Department of Computer System Engineering, QUEST, Nawabshah, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Ibrahim Channa Department of Information Technology, QUEST, Nawabshah, Pakistan
  • Asif Ali Laghari Department of Information Technology, QUEST, Nawabshah, Pakistan



Automated medication system, robot doctor, flood, thunderstorm, war,


Robot is machine like human beings working in hazardous situations, replace domain
experts and provide accurate results. We proposed automated medication system that work like
human physician experts in remote locations, where flood and thunderstorm occurs. It measure
patient’s temperature and blood pressure using sensors and get input from user via keyboard
and voice system. After finding diseases, it retrieves symptoms for diseases from stored
databases. The proposed automated medication system provides facility to people which are
unable to reach big cities where medical facilities are available.


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Sadhayo, I. H., Channa, M. I., & Laghari, A. A. (2015). Automated Medication System for Rural and War Affected Areas. Transactions on Engineering and Computing Sciences, 3(1), 08.