Proxy Framework for Database Extension: Database-Independent Function Extension


  • Pinaet Phoonsarakun Burapha University Sakaeo Campus
  • Alexander Adam Development Division, dimensio Informatics GmbH, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany
  • Attaporn Khaesawad Department of Information Technology, Burapha University Sakaeo Campus, 27160 Sakaeo
  • Seree Chinodom Department of Information Technology, Burapha University Sakaeo Campus, 27160 Sakaeo



Database Extension, Indexing, Proxy, Transparent


This paper presents a proxy framework, which allows introducing various functionalities in an existing database system and application environment. By using a proxy not interfering with the application and with the database are necessary. An abstraction layer is introduced to make functional modules, database independent, and illustrates its use in two examples – index integration and a result cache. Finally, an overview of the results that have been achieved is given.


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Phoonsarakun, P., Adam, A., Khaesawad, A., & Chinodom, S. (2014). Proxy Framework for Database Extension: Database-Independent Function Extension. Transactions on Engineering and Computing Sciences, 2(5), 17–26.