Computer-aided Diagnosis for Internal Hemorrhoids by Measuring the Congestive Extent in Endoscopic Images


  • Koji Abe Kinki University
  • Hidenori Takagi
  • Masahide Minami
  • Haiyan Tian



Computer-aided diagnosis, Internal hemorrhoids, Congestion, Medical image processing, Endoscopic image


This paper presents a system of computer-aided diagnosis for internal hemorrhoids based on the congestive extent using endoscopic images. This system could be effective for young or even general practitioners as a second opinion. In the proposed method, a pre-processing is conducted to the images for enhancing saturation and contrast of congestive regions and blood vessels. Next, considering characteristics of internal hemorrhoids, the proposed method measures degree of the congestion in the images, and extracts the congestive region and abnormalities on the congestive extent. Experimental results of the discrimination using the proposed abnormalities between normal and abnormal cases for 204 images including 108 abnormal cases have shown that the abnormalities are well effective to diagnose the congestion in the hemorrhoids.


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Abe, K., Takagi, H., Minami, M., & Tian, H. (2015). Computer-aided Diagnosis for Internal Hemorrhoids by Measuring the Congestive Extent in Endoscopic Images. British Journal of Healthcare and Medical Research, 1(6).