Application of a Computer-aid Diagnosis of Pneumoconiosis for CR X-ray Images


  • Koji Abe Kinki University
  • Masahide Minami Kanazawa Gakuin University
  • Ryosuke Miyazaki Kinki University
  • Haiyan Tian Kobe University



Computer-aided diagnosis, Pneumoconiosis, Chest X-ray image, Medical image processing


This paper presents a method for applying a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) for pneumoconiosis to chest X-ray images digitalized by the computed radiography (CR) system.When we reported the CAD before, we showed performance of the CAD for chest X-ray images digitalized by a CCD scanner. However, since density distribution of the CR X-ray images is quite different from the images digitalized by CCD scanner, it is necessary to equip some preprocessing into the CAD for applying to the CR images. In this paper, as the first trial for the application, drawing rib edges and additional lines on the CR images by a tablet PC, we examined whether the CAD can be interactively applied to the CR images. Using 51 chest CR X-ray images, we compared the proposed CAD system with the existing system for the images digitalized by CCD scanner.


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Abe, K., Minami, M., Miyazaki, R., & Tian, H. (2014). Application of a Computer-aid Diagnosis of Pneumoconiosis for CR X-ray Images. British Journal of Healthcare and Medical Research, 1(5), 113–122.