The Chinese Moral Cultivation


  • Wen Ma Langfang Normal University, China
  • Yaqin Zhu Langfang Normal University, China
  • Chunli, Li Langfang Normal University, China
  • Bo Zhang Langfang Normal University, China
  • Xin Tian Langfang Normal University, China



Confucius, moral cultivation, conscious, public good, equality


Historically, the Confucian classics tell us the importance of moral practices. Presently, educators are concerned about how to cultivate well-developed individuals. In this paper, I introduce the examples of Chinese moral cultivation. At group level, morality can be practiced from things such as maintaining public health system; caring and protecting public construct and tools; and devoting to public good. At personal level, moral practice can be exercised by the belief of what you do not want done to yourself do not do to others; to blame oneself severely and to blame others lightly; and do not fear the strong and insult the weak. Here I intend to clarify the existence and development of human feelings and wisdom must rely on society. From this point of view, we get a clear idea of why the relations between all things that human creates and society is closely related.




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Ma, W., Zhu, Y., Chunli, L., Zhang, B., & Tian, X. (2023). The Chinese Moral Cultivation. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 10(8), 125–131.