The Aim of Education


  • Wen Ma Langfang Normal University, China
  • Yaqin Zhu Langfang Normal University, China
  • Li Chunli Langfang Normal University, China
  • Bo Zhang Langfang Normal University, China
  • Xin Tian Langfang Normal University, China



moral education, aesthetic education, intellectual education, wisdom education.


The Confucian aim of education is benevolence. The three ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity bears the fruit of all moralities. Aesthetic education, the unified creation between beauty and dignity, situates between the phenomenal world and the natural world and serves as the bridge. In Six arts, archery, charioteering, reading and mathematics are intellectual education. Rites is moral education, and music is aesthetic education. Here I intend to clarify the issue of moral education and the aim of education, and present the results to the educationists. I hope there will be a discussion on this topic.




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Ma, W., Zhu, Y., Chunli, L., Zhang, B., & Tian, X. (2023). The Aim of Education. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 9(12), 509–516.