Immunology of Modern Society Humans [IMSH]


  • Ibrahim M. S. Shnawa Department of Biotechnology, College of Biotechnology University of Qasim And Hilla University College /Babylon /IRAQ



Care Drug, Intravenous, Intensive, Terrorism ,Tumor, war warfare.


Humans lives in modern society are subjected to an array of factors that impacts the cellularity and  functionality of their immune systems. These  IMSH factors  were ensemble as; Global changes, liberal spread of mental influencing drugs, war warfare ,terrorism  ,environmental mutagens and carcinogens  as well as environmental allergens .So they are being at risk for both enhancing or dampening effects on their immune systems. Workers have been documenting four main categories of targeted  human immune system  living at risk  of modern society .The   IMSH   categories are; intravenous   drug users, intensive care patients, tumor patients ,  war warfare and terrorism. The intravenous drug users have shown increase in their humoral B cell immune responses  through the elevation of B cell counts and activities and increase in activation markers of T cell subsets. Intensive care patients were mainly  showing  functionality of cellular immunity like that of ageing immune cells. Tumor patients, however, were found expressing diversity and  compositional heterogeneity of  immune cell type reaching  33 subsets and marked functional alterations. Tumor microenvironment  have shown at least six  dominant  pan-cancer-classes of dominant  immune cells as compared to normal human subjects immune cellularity. Biological warfare and bioterrorism insults  were being accompanied  by emergence and re-emergence of unfamiliar  agent pathogenicity ,seasonality  and marked host susceptibility to the terrorism  agent necessary need for individual therapy  and management ,as well as for pre and post exposure  mass vaccination .Each IMSH category have expressed shared and distinctive features. The unified functional insight to the immune systems of human living in modern society is that formed cellular elements of these  immune systems behave to different insults in different ways and different elements reacts differently to the same insult.




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