Application of sampling methods for the research design


  • Geoffrey Kapasa Mweshi
  • Kwesi Sakyi



Research, Collaborative and participatory methods, Inductive and deductive approaches, Epistemological, Ethnography, Grounded theory, Qualitative analysis, Qualitative research, Methodologies, Sample size, Sampling methods


The objective of this paper is to discuss the application of the sampling framework in a research with a view to understanding what it is, and examining the application of the concept to the analysis of sampling as one procedure that makes research manageable. When investigators

choose a sample they select a relatively small but representative number of cases from the population of interest or universe of discourse for enumeration or observation. A sample chosen in an unbiased or scientific way is likely to yield results which are closer to the population parameters. The discussion in this paper will address the issues and decisions which are considered before determining the sampling framework in a research so that there is a clear identification of the phenomenon being researched on to create room for rigorous  analysis. The discussion went further by comparing and contrasting the qualitative research approaches.

The paper further explored some philosophical underpinnings of research in order to understand and appreciate some of the individual organizational problems.  The paper relied mainly on secondary research by drawing insights from publications and books that had contributed to the revelations about the nature and issues that may be an important in both qualitative and quantitative research. The literature review was therefore mainly focused on the nature of analysis of quantitative and  qualitative data collected through empirical study through cross sectional and time series data using various data collection instruments. The paper also examined in detail data presentation methods and their implications for analysis.




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Mweshi, G. K., & Sakyi, K. (2020). Application of sampling methods for the research design. Archives of Business Research, 8(11), 180–193.