The Impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian Economy


  • Sadequl Islam Laurentian University
  • Tahsina Tarannum University of Toronto



COVID-19, social distancing, stringency index, labour market


This paper examines various types of effects of COVID-19 on Canadian businesses and industrial sectors. Using the data from Labour Force Surveys, the paper explores the impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian labour market. The paper also investigates the relationship between the intensity of lockdown measures ( stringency index) and the unemployment rate for Canada and selected countries. The main findings are the following: 1)The businesses which faced a high level of decreases in demand are food &accommodation,  arts, entertainment, and recreation and retail trade; 2) Small businesses witnessed a higher level of decrease in demand compared to large businesses;  3) The goods- producing industries, especially motor vehicle and parts producing industries experienced the steepest decline in growth rates; 4)The pandemic adversely affected the jobs of women, workers with high school education,  and young workers; 5) Finally, it appears that there is a weak positive relationship between the Stringency Index and the unemployment rate across selected countries including Canada.

Author Biographies

Sadequl Islam, Laurentian University

Professor, Department of Economics

Tahsina Tarannum, University of Toronto

Data Analyst, pursuing Data Science Certification at the University of Toonto, Toronto, Canada


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Islam, S., & Tarannum, T. (2020). The Impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian Economy. Archives of Business Research, 8(7), 497–512.