E-Estonia: The e-government cases of Estonia, Singapore, and Curaҫao


  • Miguel Goede




Purpose – The purpose of this article is to study how Estonia became one of the frontrunners of e-government and to answer the questions: how did Estonia do it, and can other countries do it too? The case of e-Estonia is compared to the cases of Singapore and Curaҫao. Methodology – The paper draws on literature concerning e-Estonia and e-government. Estonia and Singapore are compared, and an assessment is done to see if the island of Curaҫao can implement e-government like Estonia and Singapore did. Findings – All countries are unique and have to find their own path towards e-government. E-government is not a destination but a journey. Although all paths are unique, there are similarities, and countries can learn from each other. Originality – There are not many studies comparing e-Estonia to Singapore or other smart nations. This study also presents some lessons other countries might learn and apply on their own journey.




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Goede, M. (2019). E-Estonia: The e-government cases of Estonia, Singapore, and Curaҫao. Archives of Business Research, 7(2), 225–227. https://doi.org/10.14738/abr.72.6174