Fuzzy ABC Classification in Inventory Management for a Service Sector Firm


  • Emin Gündoğar
  • Ayşegül Yılmaz Sakarya University
  • Burak Erkayman




ABC Analysis, Fuzzy Clustering C – Means, Classification


Companies face with the need for evaluation of inventories in terms of multiple criteria in short time in the varying economic conditions. The ABC Analysis clusters these inventories and produces required reports. However, ABC inventory clustering process has weakness in terms of class distinction. The purpose of this study is obtaining strong optimum results in ABC Analysis by fuzzy clustering of inventories. The case is performed in a firm operating in telecommunications sector.

Author Biography

Ayşegül Yılmaz, Sakarya University

Industrial Engineering Department


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Gündoğar E., Yılmaz, A., & Erkayman, B. (2018). Fuzzy ABC Classification in Inventory Management for a Service Sector Firm. Archives of Business Research, 6(2), 109–117. https://doi.org/10.14738/abr.62.4181