The Effects of Urbanization and Economic Growth on The Igarapes of the Legal Amazon


  • Antônio Pereira Júnior Pará State University, Brazil
  • Gundisalvo Piratoba Morales Pará University, Brazil
  • Norma Ely Santos Beltrão Pará University, Brazil
  • Marília Palheta da Silva Federal Technological University of Paraná, Paraná, Brazil
  • Edmir dos Santos de Jesus Vale Institute of Technology, Pará, Brazil
  • Lucimar Costa Pereira Federal University of Pará



Water and environmental changes, Conservation of riparian forest, Water quality, Environmental parks


This study shows the primary mechanisms causing alteration and degradation of water bodies. Data analysis on the condition of urban streams in the Eastern Amazon (53,8%) shows that Pará state is the most affected (n = 67,8%). The Almas and Mata Fome creeks in the Bengui neighborhood have undergone the most significant and irreversible environmental changes. Similarly, the Paragominas stream is experiencing ongoing harm due to urban and economic expansion. In the Western Amazon (46,1%) and Amazonas state (9.5±4.9), research on 16 streams says a housing shortage and an increase in peripheral development along these water bodies. Urbanization and economic growth are altering the ecosystem functions of urban streams, highlighting the urgent need for water management authorities in the legal Amazon region to focus on this issue.




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Júnior, A. P., Morales, G. P., Beltrão, N. E. S., da Silva, M. P., de Jesus, E. dos S., & Pereira, L. C. (2024). The Effects of Urbanization and Economic Growth on The Igarapes of the Legal Amazon. Archives of Business Research, 12(5), 42–60.