Seaport Building, Management and the Challenges of Sustainability


  • Adetose Emmanuel Owoputi Department of Logistics and Transport Technology School of Logistics and Innovation Technology Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria
  • Owolabi Oluwatosin Owoputi Nigeria LNG Ship Management Ltd



Seaport,  Building Project,  Management  and  Challenges.


Seaport  remains the most  feasible for the activities of terminals, international export and import business  activities where loading and offloading  of inter-land distribution through inland  waterways, rail,  road and air to ensure  that what comes in or go out are checked to meet the national  and international rules and regulation guiding seaport operations.   As a source of  major  point  of commercial  activity  along the coast. As a source of pollution, harbors need to be strategically located to provide the greatest  benefit  according to economic and environmental issues.  The marine environment  and its effects on ports design, port warehousing,  port operation,  port hydraulics,  coastal geomorphology, littoral  drift and  sedimentation, port security  and safety  for  shipping   technology  and  economics activities,  design  and construction  of a floating  port related  structure  and  other  environmental  issues.     Seaport building  must have the organizational  capacities  to appropriately  perceive issues, analysis  information  about complex  economic  and  environmental   relationships  factors  of  turbulent  transition, increasing demand  on ports  to  acquire, assimilate,  highly  fragmented  information  about new potential  constraints  and  opportunities  in port management and challenges of it sustainability.   The  geotechnical  and  Structural  aspect  of the port  construction have been given very little attention.    This  research  use an annotated  conversation  and  questioner  to  address the  above  issues,  with the aim  to apply   concepts  of  practice,  port  elements  and  their  effects  on seaports.    This  research  use an annotated  conversation  and  questioner  to  address the  above  issues,  and  their  effects  on seaports.   This  research  have to investigate the needed  professionals,  in civil,  structural , geotechnical, hydraulic  engineers  and consultants  to strength  the usage  of modern  materials,  corrosion, naval-architecture  and other  input knowledges  of which  is  required  to  produce a sound  and  commercial  design of a modern  standard  seaport  or marine terminal for sustainability.




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