An Achievement of High Availability and Low Cost on Data Center Infrastructure


  • Yen-Jen Chen Ming Chi University of Technology
  • Po-I Lee Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Ming Chi University of Technology, Taiwan, ROC



Cloud, Data Center, High Availability (HA), Virtualization Clustering, Failover, Load Balance.


This study is to provide a design of low-cost and high-availability data center infrastructure for small/medium-scale businesses. The basic concept is to establish an infrastructure consisting of primary and backup sides through the clustering technology. By default, the primary side is active and responsible for data switching while the backup side is standby for the failure of the primary side. The design achieves the features of 1) providing full-level high availability (HA) at network, server, application, and management levels, 2) controlling the routing among network-level clusters to solve the “PPPOE connection racing” and “winding path” problems, 3) monitoring and recovering the objects in each level with an economic and effective way, and 4) handling events resulting from changing of object states in an event center. Finally, the experiment results are exhibited with five testing scenarios for verification and elaboration of the effectiveness of the HA design. The system can recover the failed objects and solve the routing problems of PPPOE connection racing and winding path among HA clusters automatically.


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