Artificial intelligence: The technology, challenges and applications


  • Tulshi Bezboruah Gauhati University
  • Abhijit Bora Gauhati University



Artificial Intelligence, Applications, Challenges, Technology, Machine learning


Artificial intelligence sometimes called machine intelligence highlights the simulation of intelligence based on human and animal nature. They are programmed in such a way that they can think like living intelligence and behave as like they do. The definition fits for any machine that can behave and think like human being while solving and learning specific problem. The ability of taking specific action while solving problem and achieving the goal is the ideal principle of artificial intelligence. In this work we will provide a thorough technical review of the technology, challenges and its applications.

Author Biography

Abhijit Bora, Gauhati University

Post Doctoral Fellow, 

Department of Electronics & Communication Technology

Gauhati University




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Bezboruah, T., & Bora, A. (2020). Artificial intelligence: The technology, challenges and applications. Transactions on Engineering and Computing Sciences, 8(5), 44–51.