Fall detection system based on BiLSTM neural network


  • Biao YE
  • Lasheng Yu School of Computer science and Technology, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, China;




The purpose of this article is to analyze the characteristics of human fall behavior to design a fall detection system. The existing fall detection algorithms have problems such as poor adaptability, single function and difficulty in processing large data and strong randomness. Therefore, a long-term and short-term memory recurrent neural network is used to improve the effect of falling behavior detection by exploring the internal correlation between sensor data. Firstly, the serialization representation method of sensor data, training data and detection input data is designed. The BiLSTM network has the characteristics of strong ability to sequence modeling and it is used to reduce the dimension of the data required by the fall detection model. then, the BiLSTM training algorithm for fall detection and the BiLSTM-based fall detection algorithm convert the fall detection into the classification problem of the input sequence; finally, the BiLSTM-based fall detection system was implemented on the TensorFlow platform. The detection and analysis of system were carried out using a bionic experiment data set which mimics a fall. The experimental results verify that the system can effectively improve the accuracy of fall detection to 90.47%. At the same time, it can effectively detect the behavior of Near-falling, and help to take corresponding protective measures.


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