AI-based Analysis on Relationship between Genes and Personality

Evaluation Results with the ABO Blood Type


  • Masayuki Kanazawa Human Sciences ABO Center



ABO, Blood Type, Gene, Big Five, Personality


AI can be applied in various ways to the measurement of personality in psychology. Measuring the impact of a single gene on personality can be handled by AI technologies, at least technically, i.e., using supervised learning models of machine learning. The ABO blood type is a relatively easy biological marker to examine; therefore, people in many countries know their type, and its impact on the relationship with personality has been the subject of a large amount of research. In this study, we selected the ABO blood type as the target gene, examined its association with personality, and cross-checked the results with previous works. Two scales were used to measure personality: a) blood type personality traits extracted from previous studies, and b) the TIPI-J, a simplified version of the Big Five personality test. In the former, the AI was able to predict the respondents’ blood types with a higher probability than chance, while in the latter, the accuracy was within the range of chance. These obtained results were also discussed.




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Kanazawa, M. (2021). AI-based Analysis on Relationship between Genes and Personality: Evaluation Results with the ABO Blood Type. Transactions on Engineering and Computing Sciences, 9(6), 26–37.