Warfarin induced Ovarian Haematoma Mimicking Torsion Ovarian Tumour


  • Paapa Dasari Professor, Dept of OBGY JIPMER, WCH, Puducherry, India




Warfarin toxicity presenting as acute abdomen in a woman with chronic anticoagulation is rare. A 29 year old woman with Rheumatic heart disease with history of  mitral Valve replacement who was on anticoagulation with warfarin presented with pain abdomen  of 2 weeks duration and she was  clinically diagnosed as torsion ovarian cyst. On USG abdomen there was a complex adnexal mass of 6x8 cms with Doppler flow. Her International Normalised Ratio was more than 10 and hence a diagnosis of Ovarian haematoma was entertained and she was managed medically with dose titration of anticoagulants and her pain abdomen subsided and she was discharged home after normalising her International normalised ratio and laparotomy was thus avoided.


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