Segmentation of Liver from Abdomen CT images and 3D Visualization


  • Deepti Mittal Department of Electrical and instrumentation Engineering Thapar University, Patiala, Punjab, India



Active contour, marching cube


Segmentation of liver is the initial and fundamental step for the diagnosis of liver disease, 3-D volume construction and volume measurement. However, segmentation of liver is a challenging task due to it’s inter and intra intensity and texture similarities among other organs present in CT abdominal images. A semiautomatic method has been proposed to segment the liver portion from CT abdominal images and their three dimensional volume construction by (i)Noise removal using median filter,(ii)Segmentation of liver portion based on active contour method using sparse field method and(iii)liver volume construction using marching cube method. Evaluation of proposed method is carried out on clinically acquired CT images and effectiveness of algorithm is evaluated by comparing manually segmented liver portion marked by radiologist with proposed method

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electrical and instrumentation engineering department

ME student


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