Application of Licensing Services Electronic Based Construction Services Business

  • Sri Umiyati
  • M. Husni Tamrin
  • Debby Gita Maharani


This research main goals are describring and analyzing service application based on electronic (Descriptive Study on Bussiness Permit Licensing for Construction Service in One-stop Integreted Service Unit in Surabaya). This research uses descriptive method with qualitative approachment. The theory that is used for analyzing on this research is e-Service Quality theory that consist of 7 dimension that are Website Design, Reliability, Responsiveness, Security/Privacy, Costumization, Information, and Ease of Use. The research result shows that application of Business Permit Licensing based on electronic is good. The dimensions that have shown the application of electronic-based services are good, namely in the dimensions of Responsiveness, Security / Privacy, Customization, Information, Ease of Use. The dimensions that show the application of services that are still not good, namely the dimensions of Website Design and Reliability.

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Umiyati , S., Tamrin , M. H., & Maharani, D. G. (2019). Application of Licensing Services Electronic Based Construction Services Business. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 6(11), 27-35.