When a Virgin is not a Virgin


  • Tina Lindhard International University of Professional Studies




Pythia, Delphi, Ancient Greece, virgin, Know Thyself, Prayer of the Heart, intuition, female principle


My fascination with the Pythia began several years ago when I was writing a paper on different ways of knowing. Although the Pythia is surrounded in myth and has been written about by numerous authors both in the past and present, it seems to me she still has a story to tell which has not been touched on before. The Pythia was the priestess at Delphi and among other things, she had to be a virgin (pathenos), or at least originally. We also know that inscribed on the forecourt temple of Apollo was the maxim "Know Thyself". When we put these aspects together with the non-denominational method of meditation used by early cults in the Mediterranean area and other parts of the world known as Prayer of the Heart, a different meaning of the word virgin starts to reveal itself. This also suggests that these priestesses might have been mystics trained in an esoteric tradition, which leads to Self-discovery or the Godliness of humans.  

Author Biography

Tina Lindhard, International University of Professional Studies

Tina Lindhard was born in Cape Town. She did her degree in Psychology in the University of Cape Town (South Africa), her MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University (California), and earned her PhD. from the International University of Professional Studies in Consciousness Studies (Hawaii). She is now an academic mentor at IUPS and also a qualified teacher in the Intuitive Meditation method. Her main field of interest is in consciousness studies. 



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