Development Of Education And Its Impact On The Population Composition Of The Tribal People Of Birbhum District Of West Bengal

  • Prasasti Ghosh


The term 'Development' is a process by which a person or a community can enhance their or maximise their potentiality to improve or change their world. Similarly education is considered as an important factor in the process of development because through education a person acquire knowledge and skills by which a person or a community become able to overcome the problems, the difficulties to modernize their lifestyle in a particular situation and cultural context. Tribe is a group of distinct community people, with distinct culture and folklore mainly settled in the marginal tract of forest, hills and other tract isolated from the main stream depending on their land for their livelihood, distinct culture. Because of primitiveness, shyness, territorial integrity and non-assimilation in nature they always remain outside of the main stream. India, the vast geographical area with diversified ecological and cultural and linguistic zones have given shelter to more than five hundred type of tribal community constituting 08 per cent of total population in 2011.Because of' Isolation Approach' (leave them untouched) of the ruling administration and the British ruler in pre independence period as result of this isolation they could not enjoy the fruit of development programmes .According to the history of education the level of development was very poor and the education was mainly informal and it purely demand based. As result of this they were less modernized and culture was very poor. In spite of that their demographic composition was not so backward than other community people in spite of poor literacy rate as sex ratio in 1961 was in west Bengal was 874 and in Birbhum it is 1001 and it increases to 999 in West Bengal and 1024 in Birbhum in 2011.. The British ruler invited the Christian missionaries for their welfare and to convert them into Christianity by which they can run administration smoothly. In post independence period. To get an idea about the changes Tribal people of Birbhum district of West Bengal have taken for study. This district is situated in the western part of Santal Pargana Districts.

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