Resource Use Efficiency of Yam Production in Ekiti State, Nigeria.


  • S. O. W Toluwase
  • A. B. Sekumade



The study examined the resource use efficiency of yam production in Ekiti State, Nigeria.  Multistage sampling techniques were used to select 120 respondents and were interviewed using a well structured questionnaire. The study described the socio- economic characteristics of the farmers; indentify the system of land ownership and the constraints that yam farmers faced; and analyze the technical efficiency of the farmers. Descriptive statistics such as; frequency counts, mean and percentage was used while the inferential statistics used to estimate technical efficiency was stochastic frontier function. The findings revealed that the study area is dominated by male, married, experienced and small holder farmers with almost secondary school level of education.  The mean and maximum technical efficiency was 0.87 and 0.99 respectively thus showing a high level of how yam farmers are technically efficient in the study area. The study recommended that government should provide adequate extension and supportive services with a view to improving farming techniques with technological innovation and farm inputs should be made available at highly subsidized rates through adequate and efficient distribution to the farmers.




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Toluwase, S. O. W., & Sekumade, A. B. (2017). Resource Use Efficiency of Yam Production in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 4(2).