Wool Sector Analysis for Pakistan


  • Muhammad Shabbir University of Management Sciences and Information Technology Kotli Azad kashmir Pakistan




Wool, Sheep, Wool Fibers, Silk


There is a great prospective to develop wool sector as industry and economically viable rural avocation in Pakistan. It is a labor intensive and combines both Industry and livestock. It generates quick returns on low investment, is a source of self employment, and generates exports and foreign exchange earnings. Objective and scope of this basic and exploratory research is to the map and value chain of wool sector right from the livestock breeding and handling to value added wool products in Pakistan. This research study will based on both quantitative and qualitative data set as it involves surveying of wool related establishments  all over Pakistan, as well as qualitative data and validation of analysis by the stakeholders. This Mapping study will include Objectives, SWOT Analysis, and Market Analysis; SWOT Analysis for wool sector in Pakistan This study will present recommendations for the growth of the sector. It will also be useful in providing an understanding of complete process to the policy makers for poverty reduction and tackling unemployment. And it will serve as database for short term and long term planning and future research.


Ministry of national foods livestock wing (Animal husbandry commission)

D.G. live stock balochistan (Dr.Ali Buksh somoro)

CEO Sohail Umer from( Moon light industries Hub Karachi)

CEO Miss Shaiza saeed (united carpets)

Balochistan livestock and dairy development department

CEO Mr junaid nawab Sanaullah ( blanket manufacturer)

Mr zahid from oxford knitting.

Mr Munir Ahmad (Saif wool company)

Mr Zahid(regional coordinator from Ahan)

G.M . Mr syed Rizwan Tahir(Lahore carpet manufacturer)

Cholistan cooperative wool develop and marketing union ltd

Mr jarar Afzal (Bannu woolen mills)

Madina wool traders

G.M. Mr Aqdas shah (Ghazi Abbas Woolen mills)

Mr Malik Imtiaz (supplier of raw wool from cholistan)




source of import export data: UN comtrade






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