Key issues in Bata Pakistan Marketing Strategy


  • Muzammal Hassan Superior University Lahore
  • Hira Riaz Superior University Lahore
  • Imran Munir Superior University Lahore
  • Qaisra Noor Superior University Lahore



In this case study, we discuss BATA’s marketing strategy and launching of higher segments in the Pakistan market without any research or decision. So BATA face many problems in past then re-launch and become successful after many hurdles. The reason why Bata become successful in the market is direct target market and direct contact with target customers and the most important factor is the direct research process.




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Hassan, M., Riaz, H., Munir, I. ., & Noor, Q. (2022). Key issues in Bata Pakistan Marketing Strategy. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 9(7), 211–218.