Influnce of Social-Economic Factors on Youth Radicalization in Garissa County: Kenya


  • Tarsilla M. Kibaara



Radicalization, Religious Extemism,Cattle Rustling, Poverty


This study was set  to study the  influence of social-economic  factors on radicalization in Garissa county  in Kenya. Radicalisation refers to a process by which individuals are indoctrinated into an overtly ideological belief system that encourages a shift from mainstream ethics to extremism. While violent radicalisation appears to have been significantly neutralised in Coast, North Eastern and Nairobi Counties, Garissa county   is  still  threatened by  youth radicalization   The study objectives were: Influence of Religious extremism in radicalization, influence of  Cattle rustling  in tackling Radicalization,   Influence of poverty in   radicalization. The study  adopted descriptive survey research  design in which simple random and purposive sampling  were used to select 10% sample size  from the target population of the study.  The instruments of data collection included questionnaires,  and interviews. Study reliability and validity were established through piloting of the instruments and expert judgements. The study  outcomes will inform  policy formulation and enhance the  body of knowledge  in research. The study found out that :Social-economic factors influenced youth radicalization to a very great extent as compared. to religious extremism.  The study also  found out that poverty played a major role in influencing radicalization in Garissa  county in Kenya.




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Kibaara, T. M. (2022). Influnce of Social-Economic Factors on Youth Radicalization in Garissa County: Kenya. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 9(6), 144–153.