Steps to Writing a Research Proposal


  • Nasser Alasmari a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:20:"University of Jeddah";}



research, qualitative, quantitative, literature review, sampling


Submitting a research proposal that is assessed by the concerned committee as being well- written and professional is undoubtedly the objective of any scholar recently admitted to the field of research. This positive acknowledgment would be the keystone to guaranteeing one’s admission to higher research programs. As a matter of fact, the current work aims to equip the targeted audience namely; post graduate students who are novice in the field of research, with initial but basic skills that would be indispensable to help them reach the aforementioned goal. It provides them with the different steps required to write a quality research proposal along with simplified explanation of the different concepts used in research which may be newly introduced to them and thus aims to familiarize them with these key concepts that would be translated and reflected through their professional proposal writing at later stages.


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