Investigation on the Influencing Factors of Online Learning Quality and Research on its Improving Strategies

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Ma Xiulin
Jia Yujuan
Fan Chenyu
Liang Jing


With the in-depth development of online learning, especially the large-scale popularization of online learning during the COVID-19 prevention period in 2020, some problems have gradually emerged in the online learning process: students' learning motivation is reduced, and some students have a sense of loneliness and burnout, which leads to the unsustainable learning process. Based on the pre survey of teachers and related literature analysis, this study preliminarily divides the factors affecting students' online learning into four aspects: teacher teaching, autonomous learning, teacher-student interaction, and learning effect. A student oriented questionnaire is designed to investigate the online learning environment and students' learning behavior, and then teachers are interviewed to determine the key factors affecting the quality of current online learning: excessive online live broadcast platforms, insufficient management of learning process, lack of teaching design of some teachers, lack of supervision and feedback in the autonomous learning process, insufficient interaction of learning process, etc. Based on the above survey conclusions and the teaching practice experience of the team, this paper puts forward some suggestions, such as unifying the live broadcast platform and improving its performance and function, enhancing the process management of online learning, improving teachers' online teaching literacy, and teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, in order to provide ideas and reference for online learning designers.

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Xiulin, M., Yujuan, J., Chenyu, F., & Jing, L. (2021). Investigation on the Influencing Factors of Online Learning Quality and Research on its Improving Strategies. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 8(5), 420–438.