How Does Customer Personality Shape Customer-Employee and Customer-Firm Interactions?


  • Shirie Pui Shan Ho UOW College Hong Kong
  • Matthew Yau Choi Chow Hong Kong Community College



In recent decades, the banking industry has undergone several changes implying the need for banks to differentiate themselves This research examines the effect of the Big Five on relationship quality and customer loyalty on both employee and firm levels in retail banks. A total of 210 online surveys were collected via the convenient sampling method. The findings showed that openness to experience, extroversion and neuroticism influence relationship quality on both levels. Conscientiousness affects relationship quality at the bank level while agreeableness affects relationship quality at the customer contact employee level.  Relationship quality displayed significant influence on customer loyalty on both levels. Several implications are derived for service research and service encounter management. The findings provide valuable insight for matching retail bank customers and customer-contact employees based on their personality profiles to ensure long-term relationship quality and customer loyalty.  Insights into the relationship quality-customer loyalty link can act as a starting point for academics who are interested in understanding the role of frontline employees in services management.

Author Biographies

Shirie Pui Shan Ho, UOW College Hong Kong


Dr. Shirie Ho is Lecturer at the UOW College Hong Kong, part of global network of University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia and has published her research in journal and conferences proceedings. Her research interests include bank marketing, relationship management and finance.

Matthew Yau Choi Chow, Hong Kong Community College


Dr. Matthew Chow is Lecturer at Hong Kong Community College. He obtained Doctor of Business Administration from The University of Newcastle, Australia. He has written academic articles and his research findings have been published in books, conference proceedings and journals. His current research interests include knowledge management, business strategy and finance, etc.




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Ho, S. P. S., & Chow, M. Y. C. (2022). How Does Customer Personality Shape Customer-Employee and Customer-Firm Interactions?. Archives of Business Research, 10(5), 18–38.